Phase 1: Token Launch and Community Building

  • Launch $WOBY token and make it available on major decentralized exchanges.

  • Engage with the community through social media channels, community events, and partnerships.

  • Establish a strong foundation and gather feedback from early adopters.

Phase 2: Staking and Gaming Integration

  • Introduce the staking feature, allowing token holders to earn passive income by staking $WOBY tokens.

  • Develop and launch the first gaming experiences within the WOBY Inu ecosystem.

  • Enhance the gaming platform based on user feedback and community engagement.

Phase 3: Expansion and Partnerships

  • Expand the ecosystem by collaborating with strategic partners and integrating $WOBY into other platforms.

  • Forge partnerships with game developers to bring exciting and diverse gaming options to the community.

  • Increase the visibility of WOBY Inu through marketing campaigns and participation in industry events.

Phase 4: Global Adoption and Expansion

  • Focus on expanding the reach of WOBY Inu to a wider audience globally.

  • Explore partnerships with influential brands and entities to increase brand awareness and adoption.

  • Enhance the ecosystem's scalability and performance to accommodate a growing user base.

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